Spent Grain Drying Machine

With spent grain drying machine, a large amount of waste of grain can be used for other purposes after dewatering. It will increase your benefits and make your operation more sustainable.

How does the spent grain drying machine work?

The spent grain drying machiner is designed to filter out as much liquid as possible from the spent grain through screw extrusion. The spent grain is sent to the spent grain dehydrator equipped with a screen, and the solid material is compacted by a screw. Whether you want to sell spent grain for composting, making bread, or raising farm animals, it is important to remove as much water as possible. [ Read also: How to Dry Spent Grain? ]

Features of spent grain drying machine:

The spent grain drying machine is a good choice. Because it integrates the 3 functions of dewatering, weight reduction, and volume reduction.

➤ Dewatering – Dewatering efficiency varies according to your raw materials. For more information, please consult us online.

➤ Volume reduction – compacting spent grains can reduce the volume by 60%, and you can use them for other purposes.

➤ Weight reduction -The spent grain dehydrator can effectively remove approximately 65% of the weight from spent grain.


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