Mulberry juice machine

The mulberry juice machine has a large feed inlet that can squeeze all kinds of fresh melons, fruits, and vegetables. The process is very simple and fast.

It consists of a frame, a transmission system, a feed port, a juice extraction part, a blocking, and forced door, a hydraulic system and a protective cover, and an electrical control part. The screw is driven by a gear reducer through a motor and a pulley. The screw is divided into three parts: feeding screw, pressing screw, and extruding screw.

How to make mulberry juice?

The mulberry juice extraction is realized by blocking the material outlet and squeezing the sieve tube. There is a feeding box in the middle of the mulberry juice machine body, and a filter plate is arranged in the box. The mulberry is sent to the juicer and the juice flows out through the filter plate; the mulberry juice extracted by the screw flows into the juice tray through the sieve tube, and then flows out from the juice outlet tube; the final squeezed mulberry residue is from the end of the sieve tube The door is forced out.

Features of the mulberry juice machine:

– The mulberry juice machine shell is made of aluminum alloy, crafted, and its internal structure is compact and reasonable. Any contact with food is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, does not rust, and is easy to clean.

– The machine can produce fresh and delicious juice after working for a few seconds. It is widely used in hotels, restaurants, food and beverage shops, and households.

– The built-in high-power motor, the unique design of extra-large stainless steel juice extractor.

– It is equipped with a starting system and an electric heating protection device, which will automatically disconnect when overheating.

– The design of detachable parts makes it easy to clean and store, and comes with three-in-one functional accessories.


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