How to extract ginger juice?

Ginger juice is s wholesome detoxifying drink that can either be served hot or cold. The whole process is very simple.

How to extract ginger juice from the ginger root? There are 2 ways for you. One is that you can manually extract ginger juice at home, and the other is that if you have large commercial production requirements, you can choose a ginger juicer machine to make. Below is a detailed introduction.

How to extract ginger juice by ginger juicer machine in Henan Tianzhong Machinery Co., Ltd.?

This extraction process of ginger juice process is quick and easy. It only takes a few seconds to make the juice. If you have a large production requirement, it’s the best choice. We can provide a 0.5t, 1.5t, 3t, or more than 30t ginger juicer machine for you. And we can customize this dewatering machine according to your demands. In addition to ginger juicing, this ginger juicer machine can also be used for many kinds of vegetables and fruit juices.

how to extract ginger juice

How to manually extract ginger juice at home? How to extract ginger juice without a juicer?

1. Wash ginger. After washing, it is best to soak in clean water for about 30 minutes, which is not only good for peeling but also easy for juice.

2. Peel the washed and soaked ginger.

3. Put the peeled ginger in a fresh-keeping bag and put it in the refrigerator. Refrigerate for about 30 minutes until the ginger becomes slightly soft. Because the longer the refrigeration time, the softer the ginger body, the easier it will be to juice.

4. Cut the refrigerated ginger into small cubes.

how to extract ginger juice

5. Use gauze to squeeze the pounded ginger paste.

6. Bring the squeezed pure ginger juice to a boil, let it cool, and put it into a small bottle with a scale, and put it in the refrigerator to chill.

7. The ginger juice is made.

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