Cow dung dewatering machine

The cow dung dewatering machine is mainly used to remove excess water in fresh manure. Generally speaking, the water content of fresh cow dung is usually 80% to 90%. With the cow dung dewatering machine, the moisture content of fresh manure can be reduced to 50%. After dehydration, it is more convenient to use cow dung to make organic fertilizer which will increase economic value for you.

The working principle of cow dung dewatering machine:

The raw manure water is sent to the cow dung dewatering machine with a submerged pump. The solid material (dry cow dung) is squeezed and separated through the stainless steel screw shaft placed on the screen. The screw continuously pushes the cow dung forward, and at the same time the pressure on the leading edge increases continuously, then the liquid flows out from the liquid outlet through the screen. Especially the upper part of the cow dung dewatering machine is designed with an overflow port, and the discharge port can adjust the dry humidity of the discharged material. [ Read also: What is a dairy manure separator? ]

cow dung dewatering machine

The structure of the cow dung dewatering machine:

The cow dung dewatering machine is mainly composed of a host, a control cabinet, and pipelines. The main body is composed of a screen, an extrusion screw, a vibration motor, a reduction motor, and a discharge device.

Advantage of cow dung dewatering machine:

Practical: The solid-liquid separation speed of the dewatering machine is fast. The moisture content of the separated manure is between 50-65%, and its solid particles are very suitable for organic fertilizer raw materials.

Advanced: Strong decontamination ability, no clogging, easy to clean.

Durable: The screen and dragon of the cow dung dewatering machine are made of high-strength stainless steel, which is anti-corrosive and wear-resistant. The dewatering machine is not rusty and has a long life.

Economy: The cow dung dewatering machine has a high degree of automation, low power consumption, and low price. Easy to operate, you just press the start and stop button to operate it.

The utilization value of cow dung dewatering machine technology:

➤ The solid cow dung processed by the dewatering machine is convenient for transportation. It can be directly bagged or used as the raw material of organic fertilizer which can be sold at a high price.
➤ The dewatered cow dung can be used as litter or fuel which can save cost.

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