Vegetable waste recycling machine

Henan Tianzhong Machinery Co., Ltd., is the leading equipment manufacturer of vegetable waste recycling machines. We can provide the most efficient solution of vegetable waste recycling for you.

How does the vegetable waste recycling machine work?

The vegetable waste is poured into the feed inlet manually or by a hoist. Since the rear screw rotates in reverse and has a variable diameter and pitch, the vegetable waste will generate greater resistance and become dehydrated during the traveling process. There is a spring compression hydraulic device at the end of the press. The vegetable waste will form a gradually compressed press layer in the second half of the empty space. The front conveying screw continues to push the material, making the pressed layer tighter and tighter, and the vegetable waste will get dewatered. It will be squeezed out continuously through the sieve cylinder to complete the squeezing and dewatering process.

The advantages of the vegetable waste recycling machine:

➤ Practical operation is easy. Due to the strong level of automation skills of the vegetable waste recycling machine, the total number of skilled personnel is reasonably reduced after the vegetable waste recycling machine is completed, which reduces the number of skilled personnel and saves the expenditure;

➤ The casing is made of a 304 stainless steel plate, which is more wear-resistant for a long time. And the vegetable waste recycling machine material can be customized according to your different needs.

➤ Reliable operation, strong performance, and few common failures.


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