Vinasse dewatering machine

The vinasse dewatering machine can dehydrate the vinasse with 80%-90% moisture. This vinasse dewatering machine can be customized to meet your different production needs.

Components of vinasse dewatering machine

The vinasse dewatering machine is mainly composed of a feed box, a bearing seat, a cone-shaped screw, a water filter frame, a machined seat, a coupling, a motor, a reducer, and a gearbox.

Working principle of vinasse dewatering machine

The vinasse enters the vinasse dewatering machine from the feed inlet (for materials with less than 85% moisture content, it can be directly fed into the machine). After the vinasse is dewatered by the cone-shaped screw extrusion, it is sent to the outlet, and most of its moisture is removed from the screen and filter out. For the different types of materials and changes in output, it can be achieved by adjusting the speed of the vinasse dewatering machine to achieve different dehydration effects and output.

The double screw vinasse dewatering machine designed by Henan Tianzhong Machinery Co., Ltd., has a high efficiency which can operate continuously for 24 hours. And It is durable and easy to operate. It is also used in medicine dregs dewatering.

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