Commercial food waste disposal machine

The commercial food waste disposal machine is a movable single-screw continuous dewatering machine. It consists of a frame, transmission system, feeding part, dewatering part, pressure system, and an electric control part.

How does the commercial food waste disposal machine work?

Commercial food waste disposal is mainly dehydrated by physical extrusion. The special spiral design changes the direction of resistance when the material is dewatered, and basically eliminates the dependence on the “friction force” of the food waste. An anti-blocking plug-in is added inside to adapt to the diversity of food waste and allow food waste to pass smoothly. In addition, there is a propeller inside the screw, which not only prevents the return of the food waste but also has a slight crushing effect, which further enhances the dehydration effect of the material. The special design of a commercial food waste disposal machine can solve the problems of blocking the screen, sticking the shaft, and other problems in other food waste dewatering machines.

The advantages of commercial the food waste disposal machine:

➤ The commercial food waste disposal machine can be used as a single machine. Also, it can be combined into a production line. Tianzhong can provide you with shredders. The complete production line has a better effect.

➤ The slag outlet can freely change the pressure effect by adjusting the pressure, so as to adjust the dryness and wetness of the slag to better meet the characteristics of different materials.

➤ Commercial food waste disposal machine has a high degree of automation. Just press start and stop, you can operate the food waste disposal machine, which is convenient and can save time and effort.

➤ Commercial food waste disposal machine is not easy to be blocked which is corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, and has a long service life.

➤ The separation speed of the food waste disposal machine is fast and it has high efficiency.

Henan Tianzhong Machinery Co., Ltd. can provide a commercial food waste disposal machine production line integrating crushing, dewatering, sieving, conveying, and upgrading. In addition, there are TZ-0.5T, TZ-1.5T, TZ-3T, TZ5T, TZ-10T, TZ-15T, TZ-20T, TZ-30T and other types of equipment for your choice.


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