Poultry manure drying machine

If poultry manure is not treated in time, it will not only cause bacteria to grow but also induce some infectious diseases. The poultry manure drying machine can dewatering poultry manure quickly and efficiently.

How does the poultry manure drying machine work?

First, the poultry manure is pumped into the poultry manure drying machine by the submerged pump, and then the poultry manure is gradually pushed to the front of the machine by the auger. At the same time, the pressure on the front edge of the machine poultry manure drying machine is continuously increased, forcing the moisture in the poultry manure to squeeze out the mesh screen and flow out of the drain pipe.

poultry manure dewatering machine

In order to control the discharge speed and water content, the counterweight under the main engine can be adjusted to achieve a satisfactory and proper discharge state.

Advantages of poultry manure drying machine:

➤ Stainless steel screw, anti-corrosion, and wear-resisting, no rust, durable;

➤ New type of stainless steel upper machine cover which is easy to disassemble;

➤ Thickened protective filter, easy to clean and not easy to damage;

➤ Sewage cutting pump, debris, and garbage can be pumped without clogging.


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