Vegetable press machine

A vegetable press machine in Henan Tianzhong Machinery Co., Ltd. is efficient extraction equipment. The use of a vegetable press machine can increase the juice yield by 20-35%. The specific juice yield depends on your raw materials. Welcome to contact Whatsapp +86 187 4943 2495 to get more details.

The working principle of the vegetable press machine

The vegetable press machine uses the change of the volume in the squeezing chamber to produce a strong squeezing force on the vegetable to separate the juice. This squeezing force mainly comes from 2 aspects.

(1) Compression force

The screw shaft rotates clockwise along the direction of the slag outlet, the bottom diameter gradually increases and the screw pitch gradually decreases. When the vegetable is pushed by the screw shaft, the spiral cavity gradually shrinks, so that the pressure on the vegetable in the process of moving forward increases.

(2) Resistance

Resistance includes slag discharge resistance and friction resistance.

The slag tapping resistance depends on the gap. The gap is large, the pressure is small, and the juice output rate is low; the gap is small, the pressure is large, and the juice output rate is high.

Friction resistance includes the friction between the vegetables and the screw and the friction generated by the vegetable itself due to the unequal propulsion speed.

vegetable dewatering machine

Features of the vegetable press machine:

● Made of 304 stainless steel which is easy to clean and not easy to corrode.

● This vegetable press machine adopts a hydraulic press for dewatering. And the pressure can be adjusted according to your different needs.

● High efficiency and simple operation.

● Except for the inlet and outlet, the sealed structure of the vegetable press machine is adopted which is clean and hygienic to ensure food safety.


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