Paper pulp press machine

The paper pulp press machine can be used for the dewatering of wood pulp, bamboo pulp, and wheat straw pulp after cooking. It is one of the important pieces of equipment in pulp processing.

This paper pulp press machine is indispensable for pulp pressing and dewatering in the paper industry. For different pulps, the concentration after extrusion is 35-45%. In addition, the slag outlet is equipped with an automatic resistance pressure plate device and the slurry concentration can be adjusted freely.

How does the paper pulp press machine work?

The pulp is sent to the paper pulp press machine, and then the black liquor is separated from the pulp by the mechanical pressing action of the variable pitch and diameter screw to achieve the purpose of extracting the black liquor. At the same time, the paper pulp can actually bring the dissolving function through the pressing operation.

The features of the paper pulp press machine

● The dryness of the paper pulp dewatered by the paper pulp press machine is uniform and the paper pulp output rate is stable. No blockage and no slippage, can reduce screw wear and corrosion, and have little effect on fiberization.

● Low speed, low power, and low noise.

● High dewatering efficiency, 80% black liquor can be extracted from the paper pulp.

● Thick stainless steel, long life, reasonable distance, scientific and reasonable;

● The electronic control system has overload protection, leakage protection, and low voltage protection;

● The stainless steel filter screen has the characteristics of separate filtration, anti-clogging, and long service life;

● PVC steel wire pipe is resistant to aging and external forces.


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