Straw dewatering machine

The straw dewatering machine is dehydration equipment that can run continuously around the clock and separate the slag and liquid. The straw dewatering machine has been upgraded by our company, and the dehydration efficiency has been greatly improved.

How does the straw dewatering machine work?

As the space of the straw dewatering machine becomes smaller, the pressure on the straw is gradually increased, the volume of the straw is gradually reduced, and the moisture is squeezed out.

The features of straw dewatering machine:

– The operation is simple and convenient to move, and the production method is continuous dewatering.

– The dewatering force and dehydration rate are higher.

– Few wearing parts, basically no wearing parts in continuous production.

– Equipped with a small sieve tube, water flows from the inside and outside of the pressed layer, and the extraction rate is higher.

– Equipped with the hydraulic device, the pressure of the cone plug can be adjusted intuitively through a hydraulic gauge.

– The hole size of the screen cylinder, the height of the machine, the wall thickness of the screen cylinder, the length of the machine, the length of the screw, and the size of the power can all be changed according to your different requirements.


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