• 2024,04,26
    Dewatering screw press for citrus/tangerine/lemon lime peel waste

    ---With its high efficiency, energy saving and stability, the screw press has become an ideal choice for processing citrus/tangerine/lemon-lime peel waste.

  • 2024,01,03
    Coco Peat | Coconut Coir dewatering machine

    ---Henan Tianzhong has specially designed coco peat | coconut coir dewatering machine according to the characteristics of different materials. Specially designed for efficient processing of long fiber residues, including cassava residue, coconut peat and paper pulp, etc.

  • 2023,12,22
    Elephant forage grass dewatering machine | Herbage Pasture

    ---The herbage pasture dewatering machine, designed for the efficient dehydration treatment of forage, elephant grass, alfalfa, and straw, stands out as a crucial asset in the herbage pasture industry.

  • 2023,12,08
    Animal Manure Extruder Machine | Manure into Biomass

    ---This animal manure extruder machine efficiently converts manure into valuable biomass, providing a myriad of environmental and economic benefits.

  • 2023,11,20
    Industrial grape screw press | juice for wine

    ---Our industrial grape screw press is specifically designed to extract premium juice, a crucial element in crafting exceptional wines. The efficiency of our press ensures that you obtain the finest quality juice, setting the foundation for the creation of wines with distinct flavors and characteristics.

  • 2023,11,10
    Dewatering Spent Distillers’ Grain (DDGS) Machine

    ---The Dewatering Spent Distillers' Grain (DDGS) Machine is a state-of-the-art solution designed to address the challenges posed by high moisture content in DDGS. It employs a screw press mechanism to efficiently separate the liquid and solid components of DDGS. The liquid is expelled through a screen, leaving behind a more concentrated and drier solid material.

  • 2023,11,06
    Which industries use manure dewatering machines?

    ---Manure dewatering machines are versatile pieces of equipment that find application in various industries where the efficient management of organic waste and byproducts is essential. These machines play a crucial role in separating solids from liquids, reducing moisture content, and converting waste into valuable resources.

  • 2023,10,20
    What are the different types of screw press?

    ---Screw presses come in various designs and serve a wide range of industrial applications. Each type of screw press has unique features that make it well-suited for specific tasks. Understanding the different types of screw presses and their applications is crucial for selecting the right equipment in various industries, ensuring efficiency and productivity.

  • 2023,10,12
    Napier Grass Dewatering Screw Press

    ---The napier grass dewatering screw press is a innovative machine that plays a crucial role in the efficient extraction of juice from Napier Grass, a high-yield, tropical forage crop.

  • 2023,10,11
    Manure Dewatering Screw Press

    ---Manure management is a critical aspect of modern agriculture, and innovative technologies like the manure dewatering screw press have revolutionized the way farmers handle this essential but often challenging byproduct.


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