Wood sawdust dewatering machine | Screw press

Efficiently tackle wood and timber waste challenges with a dewatering screw press machine designed to extract moisture from sawdust.

The principle of the wood sawdust dewatering machine

The wood sawdust dewatering machine adopts the principle of physical extrusion and dehydration. The whole dewatering process includes conveying, dewatering, and discharging. The wood sawdust enters the dewatering machine smoothly. As the internal space becomes smaller, the pressure gradually increases on the wood sawdust, and then the volume of the wood sawdust becomes smaller and the moisture is squeezed out.

The features of a wood sawdust dewatering machine:

➤ Continuous operation, convenience, and manpower saving.

➤ Stable operation at low speed, and the material temperature does not rise.

➤ The squeezing effect can be achieved with low power, saving energy.

➤ Pneumatic backpressure control of slag discharge tail cone, uniform slag discharge dryness.

➤ The dryness of the slag is not affected by the speed of feeding, and it is easy to match with other equipment.

The wood sawdust dewatering machine is engineered to process materials with high moisture content, spanning paper pulp, poultry dung, cattle manure, distillers’ grains, beer residue, fruit residues, and fiber material. This screw press can substantially reduce the moisture content of materials from 80%~90% to approximately 50%. Following this process, the material can undergo additional treatment using a dryer machine.

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