What is the double shaft type of food waste shredder?

Food waste shredder, also known as double shaft shredder. It is not only used for food waste shredding, but also for domestic waste, industrial waste, organic waste and medical waste shredding.

How does the double shaft type of food waste shredder work?

The working principle is to drive the shaft and the cutter to rotate with each other through high-power electric power to achieve the effect of squeezing and shredding the food waste.

For the double shaft type of food waste shredder, there are 2 important parts, a bearing, and a cutter. It can be said that the quality of these two parts is very important to the production of the equipment.

types of food waste shredder

The characteristics of the double shaft type of food waste shredder:

※ The cutting tools are arranged in a spiral line to realize efficient cutting.

※ The bearing is four-fold sealed, effectively waterproof, and dustproof.

※ The size of the discharging material is controlled without the net, and the crushing efficiency is improved.

※ Strong applicability and wide use.

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