Float grass dewatering machine

Float grass dewatering machine is a kind of equipment that uses physical extrusion to dewater. The float grass dewatering machine is composed of a drive system, a feed box, a screw auger, a screen, a pneumatic blocking device, a water collection tank, a frame, and other parts.

How does the float grass dewatering machine work?

Float grass enters the dewatering machine from the feed box and is squeezed by the progressive pressure under the conveying of the screw auger. The excess water will be discharged from the outlet through the screen, and the dehydrated float grass will be discharged from the outlet through the top-opening blocking device under the continuous conveying of the screw auger.

The features of float grass dewatering machine:

◆ It is not afraid of abrasion and has a good dewatering effect. It depends on the cooperation of the screw and the screen to realize the press separation.

◆ Successfully solved the problem of screen clogging, firstly to avoid the material holding the shaft, secondly, the material particles can rub off the blockage of the screen when the float grass advances in a spiral.

◆ After setting a certain squeezing pressure, the tail cone device will automatically control the squeezing force of the floating grass to prevent the dewatering slag from being uneven.

◆ The screen of the press is easy to disassemble and clean.


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