Beet pulp press

The beet pulp press machine is consists of a fruit crusher and a dewatering screw press. The two-in-one machine design can save space and save the process for conveying crushed fruit material to a screw press, which is more efficient. The beet pulp press machine also can be used for many areas.

How to press beet pulp?

When we turn the handwheel bearing seat and the adjustment part to the left, the gap in the juicer beetroot machine will become narrower, and vice versa. Changing the size of the gap clockwise, that is, changing the resistance of slag discharge, thereby changing the amount of slag. However, if the gap is too small, due to excessive pressure, part of the residue particles and juice will be squeezed out through the filter. Although the beetroot juice increases, the quality of the beetroot juice will decrease. The size of the gap should be determined according to the specific technical requirements of the customer.

Features of beet pulp press machine:

– This beet pulp press machine is a kind of spiral advancing extrusion machine.

– You can choose whole stainless steel and inner stainless steel type beet pulp press machine.

– This beet pulp press machine is suitable for different vegetable and fruit juices.

– We can supply you with different filter screens according to your different requirements.


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