How to Dry Spent Grain?

Dehydration and drying of spent grain is essential for the distillery grain waste disposal. The dehydrated spent grain have a high solid content, which can effectively reduce the pollution caused by the spent grain to realize the reuse of the spent grain as a resource.

how to dry spent grain

What is Spent Grain?

Beer waste, also called brewer’s grains or spent grain, is a by-product of the brewing process. The spent grain is initially wet and has a short shelf life. It can be preserved and utilized by drying and processing in various ways. The spent grain can be used as food additive, animal feed or fertilizer, etc.

Best Way to Dry Spent Grain

Drying spent grain is a simple process, and dewatering with a spent grain drying machine is one of the best ways.

Spent grain drying machine:

It is designed according to the principle of superposition compression, and mainly relies on the cooperation of the feed box, the screw shaft, the screen and the tail cone to achieve the purpose of separation of spent grain and water. Wet spent grain are evenly transported to the feed bin of the screw extrusion dehydrator through tools such as screw conveyors. After being squeezed by the screw blades and filtered by the screen, the water or juice flows through the screen to the water collecting tray under the spent grain drying machine for collection. And the dry spent grain will be output through the conveyor belt.

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