Alfalfa press machine

The principal product made from pressing alfalfa is a chicken feed additive. The alfalfa press machine is a new type of solid-liquid separation equipment that can operate continuously. It can be used as a single machine, or multiple units can be used in series, and multiple units have larger processing capacity and better effect.

After the alfalfa press machine is started, the alfalfa to be pressed is evenly added from the feed box. The alfalfa moves axially to the discharge end under the push of the spiral rotating blades. Under the action of the variable pitch, screw, and adjustment baffle, the alfalfa can complete the mechanical dehydration process.

The structure of the alfalfa press machine:

The alfalfa press machine mainly consists of a frame, a feeding part, a pressing part, a transmission part, and an electric control part. In addition to a powerful feeding device and a retreat device, the screw can be divided into 3 parts: a feeding screw, a pressing screw, and an extrusion screw.

The features of the alfalfa press machine:

High strength, high bearing pressure, non-deformation, non-blocking, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, non-slip, convenient maintenance, long service life, etc.

The slag outlet can change the dehydration effect of the alfalfa by adjusting the spring pressure, thereby adjusting the dryness and wetness of the slag discharge (the dehydration and press effect will be different depending on the material).


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