Juice press machine

This juice press machine is mainly used to squeeze apples, grapes, pears, pineapples, papaya, mulberries, and other fruits or vegetables continuously. It can automatically separate juice and pomace, which will be very helpful for your fruit and vegetable juice business.

The juice press machine’s juice yield rate:

Tomato: 95% juice yield

Grape: 70% juice yield

Apple: Juice yield 50%

Hawthorn: Juice yield 40%

Pomegranate: Juice yield 55%

Carrot: 60% juice yield

Juice press machine

The application of the juice press machine:

Cabbage/Green cabbage/Celery/Radish/Beet, Potato/Onion and other vegetable juicers;

Apples/Grapes/Pears/Pineapples/Papaya/Mulberries/Carambola, and other fruits juicer.

How does the juice press machine work?

The crushed fruit and vegetable enter the juice press machine through the hopper. As the spiral advances, the pitch of the spiral gradually decreases, and the volume of the spiral cavity continues to shrink, creating pressure on the fruit and vegetable. [Read also: What is screw type juice extractor?]

Juice press machine

Features of juice press machine:

– Spiral push extrusion.

– There are two types of juice press machines: all stainless steel and inner stainless steel.

– It can process vegetable juice and fruit juice.

We can provide filters with different apertures according to your needs.


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