Mango Pulp Processing Plant

If you are looking for professional mango pulp machine manufacturers, you have come to the right place. We offer complete mango production lines as well as individual machines for the production of mango pulp, juice, and puree tailored to meet your specific requirements.

The mango pulp processing plant includes reception, washing, sorting, pulping, filtration/homogenization, deaeration, pasteurization, filling, storage, and shipping.

Reception and Washing

The fully matured mangoes are harvested and quickly transported to the fruit processing plant where they are inspected and washed. Our mango washing machine is equipped with a bubble-generating device that removes the dust on the surface of the mango while tumbling in the bubble. The cleaned mangoes are then lifted with an air-drying device, which quickly dries the excess water on the surface of the mangoes while they are being lifted.

mango pulp processing machine

Sorting and Pulping

The washed and graded mangoes are conveyed to the mango pulper, which can be operated fully automatically, replacing the complex operation of manual peeling and coring, with an efficiency dozens of times higher than that of manual work. The extracted mango pulp is then held in a mixing tank and sent to the homogenizer. The homogenizer processes the product by passing it through two screens of different size mesh. Creaming homogenizes the product and removes any remaining fibers.

mango pulp processing machine

Deaeration and Pasteurization

The preceding steps add considerable air to the product, making it much more susceptible to oxidation, which leads to browning and increased acidity. To prevent oxidation, air can be removed in a deaeration chamber, which places the product under vacuum for a short period of time. The pulp is then conveyed to the pasteurizer for further processing. The goal of pasteurization (sterilization) is to bring the microbial load down to a level that will not induce damaging bacterial or fungus growth in the product at any point in its future life. Thus, products destined for different uses are eligible for different degrees of pasteurization.

Filling, Storage, and Shipping

After the pulp is sterilized, it is transferred to a mango pulp storage tank, ready for filling and packaging, etc. Our mango pulp processing plant is designed to help you produce high-quality mango pulp, juice, and puree in large quantities efficiently and cost-effectively.


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