Brewers Grain Dewatering Machine: An Innovative and Sustainable Solution for the Brewing Industry

The brewing industry produces a significant amount of brewers’ grains as a byproduct, which is high in moisture content. These grains are commonly used as animal feed due to their high nutritional value. However, the high moisture content of brewers’ grains can result in spoilage and make them difficult to store and transport. Generally speaking, the traditional method of disposing of these grains involves drying them using expensive machinery or dumping them in landfills. Both of these methods have negative environmental impacts and are not cost-effective.

The Brewers Grain Dewatering Machine offers an innovative and sustainable solution to this problem. The machine is a mobile single-screw continuous dewatering machine used for dewatering brewers’ grains. It effectively removes excess moisture from the brewers’ grains, making them easier to store and transport.

Brewers grain dewatering machine

Structure of Brewers Grain Dewatering Machine

The machine is made up of a framework, transmission system, feeding section, dewatering section, hydraulic system, cover, and electronic control section.

How does a Brewers Grain Dewatering Machine work?

A feeding box is arranged in the middle of the machine, the Brewers Grain to be dewatered is sent into the box, and the juice squeezed by the screw flows through the sieve cylinder into the juice tray, and then flows out from the juice tube. The dehydrated slag cake is discharged through the outlet at the end of the sieve cylinder.

In simple terms, the front and rear sections of the screw are extruded in the positive and negative directions to form a “twisted towel” work effect. Through the mesh increased press to achieve the solid-liquid separation effect. The humidity of residue discharge can be controlled and adjusted according to your requirements. [ Read also: How to Dry Spent Grain? ]

Advantages of the Brewers Grain Dewatering Machine

Our Brewers Grain Dewatering Machine is a practical choice for breweries because it combines all the most important functions of material handling – conveying, dewatering, and volume reduction – into one unit.

◉ The Brewers Grain Dewatering Machine is energy-efficient. The machine’s transmission system and hydraulic system work together to reduce energy consumption, resulting in lower operating costs. The machine requires minimal maintenance, further reducing costs for breweries.

◉ The Brewers Grain Dewatering Machine offers several advantages over traditional methods of managing brewers’ grains. By effectively removing excess moisture from the grains, the machine can help to prevent spoilage and reduce the risk of contamination. It reduces the moisture content to around 60% and leaves it dry to the touch. Grain at 60% water can be safely used as animal feed, fertilizer, or various other uses.

Brewers Grain Dewatering Machine

◉ The Brewers Grain Dewatering Machine also has positive environmental impacts. By reducing the moisture content of brewers’ grains, the machine can significantly reduce the volume of waste generated by the brewing industry. This, in turn, reduces the amount of waste that ends up in landfills, which helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental impacts.

◉ Furthermore, the Brewers Grain Dewatering Machine has the potential to create new revenue streams for breweries. The dewatered brewers’ grains can be sold as animal feed, which can provide an additional source of income for breweries. This, in turn, can help to offset the costs of operating the machine.

The applications for the Brewers Grain Dewatering Machine in brewing are clear, but it also works well in waste dewatering, sewage treatment, pulp dewatering, and slaughterhouse dewatering. If you think the Brewers Grain Dewatering Machine might be right for your industry, contact Henan Tianzhong Machinery Co., Ltd. today.


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