Animal Manure Extruder Machine | Manure into Biomass

The animal manure extruder machine plays a crucial role in the dewatering process of farm livestock manure. Various types of livestock manure can undergo efficient dehydration through extrusion, resulting in the production of solid and liquid organic fertilizer. This animal manure extruder machine efficiently converts manure into valuable biomass, providing a myriad of environmental and economic benefits.

Key Features of the Animal Manure Extruder Machine:

1. Efficient Solid-Liquid Separation: The machine excels in separating solid and liquid components of livestock manure, creating a dual-stream output of organic fertilizer. This not only simplifies the handling of manure but also sets the stage for the production of nutrient-rich organic fertilizers.

2. Diverse Utilization of Solid Manure: The separated solid manure, such as cow dung, finds versatile applications. It can be used as comfortable cattle bedding or processed into dung fuel, providing cost-effective and sustainable alternatives.

animal manure extruder machine

3. Organic Fertilizer Production: A step beyond traditional manure management, the animal manure extruder machine allows for the creation of composite organic fertilizers. By mixing separated manure with grass chaff and undergoing bacterial fermentation, a high-quality organic fertilizer is produced, contributing to soil health.

4. Efficient Biogas Production: The liquid manure, after separation, can be directly introduced into the digester, ensuring higher efficiency in biogas slurry dewatering without the risk of blockages, thus extending the life of the digester.

animal manure extruder machine

5. Soil Improvement: The separated manure can be directly used for soil improvement, promoting agricultural productivity.

6. Customizable Settings:
The machine features customizable settings, allowing farmers to adjust parameters such as moisture content and composition according to specific agricultural needs. This adaptability enhances its usability across diverse farming scenarios.

animal manure extruder machine

Working Mechanism:

The operational mechanism of the animal manure extruder machine is designed for efficiency and user flexibility. Livestock manure is seamlessly pumped into the main machine, overcoming the risk of blockages. Through a precise screw extrusion process, the manure is propelled to the front of the manure dewatering machine. The separation occurs through pressure-assisted extrusion, ensuring optimal solid-liquid division.

In conclusion, the animal manure extruder machine not only simplifies the complex task of manure processing but also opens avenues for additional revenue through the production of high-value organic fertilizers and diverse agricultural applications.


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