Coco Peat | Coconut Coir dewatering machine

As a professional Chinese press manufacturer, Henan Tianzhong has specially designed coco peat | coconut coir dewatering machine according to the characteristics of different materials. Specially designed for efficient processing of long fiber residues, including cassava residue, coconut peat and paper pulp, etc.

Input Moisture: 85%-92%
Output Moisture: 55%-60%


Features of the coco peat | coconut coir dewatering machine:

Automated Operation:
The equipment is designed to operate automatically, streamlining the production process and reducing the need for manual labor. This efficiency enhances overall productivity.

Moisture Control:
With the capability to handle input moisture levels ranging from 85% to 92%, the cocopeat dewatering machine achieves an impressive output moisture level of 55%. This precise control over moisture content enhances the quality and market value of the cocopeat.

coco peat coconut coir dewatering machine


The coco peat | coconut coir dewatering machine finds wide applications in the pulp and residue dewatering of various plant components, including roots, stems, leaves, and fruits. Its versatility extends to processing cocopeat, brewery spent, cassava residue, sweet potato, tea, corn, coconut, bagasse, herbal materials, apples, wood pulp, beans, and more.

The machine operates automatically, eliminating the need for manual intervention. It significantly reduces moisture content, thereby increasing the value of the final product.


Zhengzhou Furui Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional screw press dewatering machine manufacturer.

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