Dewatering screw press for citrus/tangerine/lemon lime peel waste

In juice processing, large quantities of citrus, tangerine and lemon lime peel waste are generated every year. If these peel waste are not disposed of properly, they will not only waste resources but also have a negative impact on the environment. Using a dewatering screw press to process these peel waste is an efficient, economical and environmentally friendly solution. Tianzhong’s dewatering screw press machine can reduce the moisture content of peel waste from 80% to about 50%.


The dewatering screw press for citrus/tangerine/lemon lime peel waste consists of a frame, reducer, feeding part, juice extraction part, transmission system, hydraulic system, guard and electrical control part. Among them, the screw is divided into three parts: the feeding screw, the pressing screw and the extruding screw. It has the characteristics of continuous discharging, and through the cooperation of the forced feeding plate, it can force the peel waste to be transported, thereby increasing the output.

Working principle:

Material feeding: The citrus/tangerine/lemon lime peel waste is first put into the feeding port of the dewatering screw press. The feed port is usually located at the top of the machine, through which the waste material enters the interior of the machine.

Screw pressing: After entering the machine, the citrus/tangerine/lemon lime peel waste is pushed by a screw to the pressing area. Here, the waste material is pressed by screws, which rotate and apply pressure, squeezing the waste material and gradually expelling it out of the machine. The process is similar to squeezing juice, but the goal here is to squeeze the water out of the waste.

Continuous Operation: Screw presses are generally designed as continuous operation equipment. This means that citrus/tangerine/lemon lime peel waste can continue to enter the machine, while the extruded dry solid materials and moisture are continuously discharged from the discharge port of the machine, thereby achieving the effect of continuous processing.


Integrated design: The spiral has its own propeller to realize the integration of crushing and pressing, saving space and reducing equipment investment costs.

dewatering screw press citrus tangerine lemon lime peel waste


Smooth material transportation: The special structure of the spiral and spiral blade devices ensures smooth material transportation and uniform dryness and humidity after pressing.

Easy and stable operation: Using hand wheel or hydraulic pressure to control the movement of the tail vertebra, the operation is easy and the working condition is stable.

Thorough dehydration: realize step-by-step squeezing to ensure more complete dehydration.

Stirring function: Built-in stirrer, which can be stirred while squeezing, which is more suitable for waste materials that need to be stirred.

Easy to clean: Designed with a removable screen for easy cleaning and maintenance.

dewatering screw press citrus tangerine lemon lime peel waste

Multiple series connection: Two dewatering screw press for citrus/tangerine/lemon lime peel waste can be connected in series to improve pressing efficiency.

Self-cleaning function: The spiral is precision processed, and the screen has a self-cleaning function and is not easy to block.

Durable and stable: It has high torque, low noise, no vibration, low maintenance costs and good durability.

With its high efficiency, energy saving and stability, the screw press has become an ideal choice for processing citrus/tangerine/lemon-lime peel waste. The use of screw presses can not only effectively reduce the moisture content of waste materials, but also realize resource utilization of waste materials.


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