What is fruit pulper?

The fruit pulper machine is specially designed for the automatic de-core and peeling of fruit: it removes the skin, cores, etc., and separate the pulp, juice, etc. It can maximize the yield and quality of the final product and facilitating the concentration of the juice and the completion of other subsequent processes.

Fruit pulper uses:

Fruit pulpers are used for a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables such as: tomatoes, kiwis, strawberries, grapes, cherries, mangoes, cactus fruits, etc.

Different types:

Fruit pulper machines are divided into single-pass pulper machine and multi-channel pulper machine. The pulp and dregs can be automatically separated. Different types of fruit are suitable for different types of fruit pulpers. For example, strawberries, grapes, tomatoes and cherries are suitable for single-channel pulper, while mangoes and cactus fruits are suitable for double-channel pulper.

fruit pulper

How does the fruit pulper achieve pulp separation?

If you know how it works you will know.

The fruit pulper machine is mainly composed of a screw conveyor, a mesh sieve, a substitute scraper, a rubbing board, etc. Via the screw conveyor, the fruit enters the screen from the inlet. The rotation of the screw conveyor and the scraper moves the fruit along the cylindrical screen towards the outlet in a spiral trajectory. The fruit pulp is transformed into pulp by centrifugal force and friction during the movement between the scraper, the cylindrical screen and the rubbing plate, and falls through the screen into the pulp collection hopper, while the fruit kernels are discharged from the outlet at the other end of the cylinder, in order to achieve the purpose of pulp separation.

How does a fruit pulper work

Besides, adjusting the angle of the scraper and replacing the screen with different specifications can change the beating speed to achieve satisfactory results for different fruits and vegetables. All the parts are made of food grade stainless steel except for the transmission part.


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