What is cattle manure dewatering press?

The cattle manure dewatering press is a kind of spiral extrusion type solid-liquid separator. The main purpose is to separate the solids in the liquid cattle manure, which plays an important role in the next step of fertilizer processing.

The manure processed by the cattle manure dewatering press is almost odorless which can be transported, dry and fluffy. The processed cattle manure can achieve a pollution-free environmental protection treatment through the degradation and absorption of plants. [ Read also: What does a manure separator do? ]

cattle manure dewatering press

In order to further dry the cattle manure, Tianzhong newly designed the cattle manure dewatering press. The cattle manure dewatering press has a small screw diameter, high speed, small volume, large output and low energy consumption. The moisture content of dehydrated cattle manure can reach below 60.

The special slurry pump will send the cattle manure into the dewatering press machine, the cattle manure will be separated into solid and liquid under the extrusion action of the screw and the screen, the solid substance will be discharged from the discharge port, and the liquid will flow out from the filtrate port. The screw shaft and screen used by the manure dewatering press machine are made of stainless steel and have a long service life.

cattle manure dewatering press

The cattle manure dewatering press can not only dehydrate cattle manure but also process chicken manure, pig manure, bird manure and other animal manure. However, according to the characteristics of different raw materials, the detailed design of the manure dewatering press machine will be slightly different. You can contact us and show your raw materials, then our project manager will recommend the most suitable manure dewatering press for you.


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