Pig waste dewatering machine shipped to Spain

Tianzhong, a professional manure dewatering machine manufacturer, recently successfully delivered 10 pig waste dewatering machines to a customer in Spain. This marks another milestone for Tianzhong in providing efficient pig manure management solutions to international customers.

In March 2023, the Spanish customer worked with the Tianzhong team through detailed consultation to ensure that the selected dehydrator would best suit its farm size and specific needs.

Pig waste dewatering machine

After the contract was signed, Henan Tianzhong team quickly started production and completed the production of 10 pig waste dewatering machines within the specified time. During the manufacturing process, Tianzhong maintains close communication with customers to ensure that production meets their expectations.

When the delivery date arrived, Tianzhong packed the pig waste dewatering machines safely in accordance with the contract requirements and assisted in arranging transportation to the designated port in Spain. Throughout the entire process, the Tianzhong team has always won the trust of customers with its professional and efficient working attitude.

Pig waste dewatering machine in Spain

With the arrival of the pig waste dewatering machines, Tianzhong ensured that the ranch staff had a clear understanding of the operation and maintenance of the equipment through detailed training.

Within a few months of use, the Spanish ranch was extremely satisfied with the results achieved by Tinzhong’s pig waste dewatering machines. Customers particularly appreciate its excellent dewatering results, which not only reduce waste disposal costs but also reduce adverse environmental impacts. The customer stated that through this cooperation, they have achieved substantial improvements in pig manure management and plan to continue to expand cooperation with Tianzhong in the future.

Pig waste dewatering machine shipped to Spain

This transaction is not only a product sale, but also a model for Tianzhong to provide customers with all-round services. Through close cooperation with customers, Tianzhong successfully provided a set of practical, efficient and reliable pig manure management solutions for Spanish ranches, injecting new vitality into their agricultural production.

With its excellent technology and reliability, Tianzhong Manure Dehydrator can provide farms with an effective and environmentally friendly way to process pig manure. Whether it is a large-scale breeding farm or a small farm, Tianzhong can provide the most suitable solutions for efficient treatment of different types of animal manure. Welcome to consult.


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