What is a kitchen food waste shredder?

Organic waste management is a crucial aspect of sustainable waste disposal. One effective tool in this process is a kitchen food waste shredder. This innovative machine plays a vital role in downsizing kitchen waste to a desired size, making it highly suitable for food waste recycling plants. Unlike the food composter used in a small kitchen or restautant, a food waste shredder machine in Henan Tianzhong Machinery Co., Ltd. is much bigger and can process more food scrap.

Single or Double Shaft Kitchen Food Waste Shredder?

➤ Single shaft shredder can be food waste grinder due to its screen and high torque shearing. With a constant push by a ram, organic waste is automacially fed to the rotor. Uniform output particles are obtained, which is perfect for composting or biogas.

Double shaft shredder can be food waste grinder too. If you do not have a hard requirement on size, then a two shaft shredder is a beter in terms of cross-cut.

kitchen food waste shredder

Working principle:

The double shaft kitchen food waste shredder shreds waste materials into small-sized materials by cutting, squeezing and tearing materials. It is driven by an electric motor, and the cutter is made of special alloy steel. It can be manually reversed when encountering hard objects, and the discharge size can be designed according to user requirements.


♦ Food scrap from household or restaurant

♦ Left-over from kitchen

♦ Expired food

♦ Bone and animal bodies

♦ Double shaft shredders are also widely used in waste plastics, household waste, wood, bones, animal carcasses and other bulky wastes. It provides a technical guarantee of reliable quality for the crushing and volume reduction of various wastes before recycling.

kitchen food waste shredder application

Benefits of a Kitchen Food Waste Shredder

● Enhanced Efficiency and Capacity

Compared to the more common food composter found in kitchens or restaurants, a kitchen food waste shredder machine offers remarkable advantages. Firstly, its larger size enables the machine to process a significantly higher volume of food scrap. This increased capacity allows for greater efficiency and a more streamlined waste management process.

By reducing organic waste to a desired size, a kitchen food waste shredder machine facilitates its transformation into valuable resources such as compost or biogas. This helps divert large quantities of food waste from landfills, mitigating the environmental impact associated with such disposal methods.

● Flexibility in Waste Processing

Another notable benefit of utilizing a kitchen food waste shredder machine is its versatility in waste processing. Whether it’s fruit and vegetable scraps, leftovers, or even bones, these machines can handle a wide range of food waste materials. This flexibility makes them an invaluable asset in various settings, from industrial-scale food processing plants to commercial kitchens and restaurants.

Moreover, the shredding process helps to break down the organic waste into smaller particles, making it easier for subsequent treatment or processing steps. This ensures a more efficient decomposition process, resulting in nutrient-rich compost or high-quality biogas production.

● Reduction of Odor and Pest Problems

Food waste, if not managed properly, can emit unpleasant odors and attract pests, leading to hygiene and sanitation issues. However, by incorporating a kitchen food waste shredder machine into the waste management system, these problems can be effectively mitigated. The shredding process reduces the surface area of the food waste, minimizing the release of odorous compounds and decreasing the likelihood of pest infestations.

kitchen food waste shredder

Additionally, the shredded waste can be stored in a more compact manner, reducing the space required for waste storage. This not only optimizes the utilization of available space but also helps maintain a cleaner and more organized waste management facility.

Strecture of the kitchen food waste shredder:

● 1: Shredder body:

The kitchen food waste shredder is mainly welded with high-quality steel plates to ensure the stability of the equipment during long-term heavy-load operation.

● 2: Bearings, seals

The bearing adopts a special split type, which is easy to disassemble. The movable knife, fixed knife and bearing part can be quickly removed. It is easy to maintain and replace. Bearings and gears, etc.

● 3: Moving knife, fixed knife

The movable knife and the fixed knife are made of 9CrSi material, which has the characteristics of high hardness and high wear resistance, which can ensure that there will be no deformation and corrosion during the shredding process. There is no gap between the knives, so as to avoid the raw fiber stuck between the fixed knife and the movable knife in the long-term work project, causing blockage.

kitchen food waste shredder

● 4: Spindle

The main shaft of the kitchen food waste shredder is made of high-strength and heavy-duty special purpose, and more reasonable matching tools provide powerful power for shredding raw materials. It has high hardness, maintains long-term non-deformation characteristics, and avoids friction and sagging between tools.

● 5: Motors and Belts

The shredder motor adopts Siemens Beide 37KW motor, which not only has excellent quality, but also has strong power, which can avoid the damage to the motor caused by the strong current generated during the shredding process of strong and tough materials. The belt-type link is used between the shredder and the motor. In the process of material shredding, when the pressure is too high, the belt can effectively relieve the rigid transmission and effectively protect the service life of the motor and the blade.

● 6: Reducer:

The kitchen food waste shredder adopts the square box 650 type reducer. The gear tooth surface is processed by high temperature quenching, which has the advantages of hard tooth surface, high strength and no deformation, which can effectively avoid gear damage to the reducer during the high-strength shredding process.

kitchen food waste shredder


● 1 : Thick moving knife, blade thickness 30mm, high crushing efficiency, sharp, strong and long service life.

● 2 : The overall frame steel is thick, resistant to high torque and durable.

● 3 : Simple operation, easy adjustment, low maintenance cost, economical and durable.

● 4: The unit output is the theoretical calculation throughput, and the specific use should be determined according to the actual crushed material density and shape.

kitchen food waste shredder

● 5 : The fixed knifeof the kitchen food waste shredder plays the role of material guide and can prevent the material from returning after being broken.

● 6 : The unique sealing structure can accept the shredder for materials of different states.

A kitchen food waste shredder is a powerful tool that significantly enhances the organic waste management process. Henan Tianzhong Machinery Co., Ltd. can provide you with a full-process solution for kitchen food waste.


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