How to Dry Cow Dung?

Cow dung, pig manure, and poultry manure often provide fertilizer for gardens. Fresh cow dung is usually between 60% and 80% moisture content. The moisture content of dry cow dung will drop to about 40%. Due to the reduced volume and weight, the dry cow dung are easier to handle and transport, and are also more suitable for use as fertilizers.

How to Dry Cow Dung?

As an equipment manufacturer, it can be said that using a cow dung dehydration machine is a faster way to dry cow dung.

The cow dung dehydration machine mainly uses the principle of screw extrusion to dry cow dung. The conveyor screw pushes the cow dung towards the extrusion screw. As the pitch of the extrusion screw decreases, the diameter of the shaft increases. Therefore, under the action of the screen wall and the resistance of the cone, the dry cow dung is separated through the screw extrusion, and the liquid flows out from the liquid outlet through the screen.

cow dung dehydration machine

The shell of the cow dung dehydration machine is made of stainless steel, and the cylinder filter is made of nylon. The stress-receiving part of the auger adopts alloy technology for wear-resistant treatment, which greatly improves the service life of the auger and reduces the number of maintenance and repairs. At the same time, the filter screen is made by advanced wedge-shaped manufacturing process, which is not easy to be blocked. Advanced wear-resistant process design can prolong the service life of your machine.

cow dung dehydration machine

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