How does a fruit pulper work?

The fruit pulper is divided into single-pass, double-pass and three-pass fruit pulper. The fruit pulper is made of stainless steel except for the transmission parts, and the seals are food-grade rubber.

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How does a fruit pulper work?

The fruit pulper is mainly to beat and separate a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to obtain the desired jam. Automatic separation of pulp and pomace can be achieved.

The fruit pulper machine working principle:

The motor is driven by the belt to make the scraper installed on the spline rotate at a high speed. When the broken fruit enters the fruit pulper through the feeding port, the pulp receiving tray evenly distributes the material to the scraper and the screen. Due to the rotary action of the scraper and the existence of the lead angle, the fruits moves along the cylinder to the outlet end, and the moving trajectory is spiral, and the fruits are affected by centrifugal force during the movement between the scraper and the screen cylinder.

How does a fruit pulper work

The juice and pulped flesh will be sent to the next process through the sieve holes, (the double- and three-pass fruit pulper are linked to repeat the above process), and the skins and seeds are discharged from the slag hopper to achieve purpose of automatic separation. As long as the screens of different specifications are changed and the lead angle of the scraper is adjusted, different beating speeds can be changed to obtain satisfactory results.

The raw materials for the fruit pulper can be juiced from vegetables with pits, leaves and stems, and are especially suitable for vegetables with a lot of fiber. The difference between fruit pulper and juicer is that the juice scraped by the scraper of the fruit pulper contains more pulp. Juicer are mostly juice. If pulp is required, the fruit needs to be cooked before entering the fruit pulper.

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