How does a dewatering screw press work?

The dewatering screw press machine is a new type of press and dewatering equipment which can be moved by wheels, it has double screw structure or single screw structure. It can make continuous and slow dewatering.

How does a dewatering screw press work?

The dewatering screw press has the characteristics of low speed and high pressure. The speed is 12RPM after double deceleration of reducer and gearbox. The material contact parts are made of high quality acid and alkali resistant stainless steel. The double dewatering screw press includes the front and rear sections of the screw are extruded in the positive and negative directions to form a “twisted towel” work effect. Through the large area contact between the screen and raw material and the cone at the tail end, the pressure is increased to achieve the solid-liquid separation effect. The humidity of residue discharge can be controlled and adjusted according to the requirements.

dewatering screw press Besides, the single dewatering screw press includes only one piece screw inside, the longer screw will form big pressure between the end of screw and residue outlet port.

Scope of application of dewatering screw press work:

1. Suitable for juice extraction of various vegetables and fruits containing fiber.
2. It is suitable for dewatering treatment and reduction treatment of all kinds of fruit and vegetable garbage and market effect dewatering requirements.

dewatering screw press
3. It is suitable for dewatering, deoiling and harmless treatment of all kinds of domestic garbage, kitchen garbage and food waste.
4. It is suitable for extrusion dewatering of various wastes, such as wine dregs and grass dregs.

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