How do you make fruit pulp commercially?

Making fruit pulp is a relatively simple thing, but making fruit pulp commercially is not. How do you make fruit pulp commercially? Maybe the fruit pulp making machine is a good choice.

There are a wide range of fruits pulp such as mango, guava, banana, berries and tomato puree. To make fruit pulp commercially is not just a matter of a fruit pulper. Because different fruits with different flesh textures, they can be processed in different ways. For example, mangoes, strawberries, kiwis and cherries can be processed directly in commercial fruit pulpers. Apples, hawthorn and dates, on the other hand, need to be pre-cooked before using the fruit pulpers. [ Read also: Which juicer machine is best for commercial use?]

commercial fruits pulper

In the food and beverage processing industry, making fruit pulp commercially is a complex process. From fresh fruit to finished pulp, which involves many steps, a fruit pulping line is essential. Taking mangoes as an example, after harvesting, they enter the cleaning line and are cleaned off their surface using a high pressure water stream distributed along the way. After cleaning, the mango is fed by a conveyor belt into the drying line, where a fan above dries its surface moisture. After leaving the dryer the fruit enters the quality sorting line where the poor quality fruit is rejected. The remaining fruit is fed into the double-pulping machine, where the pulping process begins. The scrapers inside the pulpers rub the flesh into the pulp while filtering out the cores and skins. The mango pulp is then sterilized, flavoured and filled. It is a complex process.

fruits pulp

I’m sure you have a general idea of making fruit pulp commercially. The process varies slightly from fruit to fruit. If you are interested in starting a commercial fruit pulp making business, please first think about what kind of fruit pulp you want to make. Contact us and them our project manager will recommend the most suitable fruit pulp making machine for you.


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