Food Waste Dewatering Machine

In the quest for sustainable solutions to combat the escalating issue of food waste, Henan Tianzhong Machinery Co., Ltd presents an advanced food waste dewatering machine tailored to address organic waste challenges, encompassing kitchen waste, fruit, and vegetable waste.

Efficient Food Waste Disposal Process:

The disposal of food waste is a critical concern, and Henan Tianzhong’s comprehensive approach ensures effective management while harnessing valuable resources from the waste stream. The process commences with the collection of food waste, which undergoes meticulous treatment for maximum utilization. Up to 80% dehydration rate.

1. Crushing Stage:

The collected food waste is subjected to a double shaft shredder, where it is efficiently broken down into smaller particles. This initial step not only reduces waste volume but also prepares the material for subsequent processing.

2. Separation with Food Waste Dewatering Machine:

Following shredding, the material undergoes separation into solid and liquid components using our state-of-the-art food waste dewatering machine. This crucial step enhances the resource recovery process by isolating valuable components for further refinement.

food waste dewatering machine

Applications of Food Waste Dewatering Machine

1. Food Service Industry:

Restaurants, hotels, catering companies, and cafeterias can benefit from the efficient dewatering of food waste. By reducing waste volume and optimizing resource recovery, our food waste dewatering machine helps these establishments streamline their waste management processes.

2. Commercial Kitchens:

Large-scale food preparation facilities and industrial kitchens generate significant amounts of food waste daily. Our food waste dewatering machine assists in separating solid and liquid components, making waste disposal more manageable and efficient.

food waste dewatering machine

3. Food Processing Plants:

The food processing industry produces considerable organic waste during various stages of production. Our food waste dewatering machine offers an effective way to process these waste materials, converting them into valuable resources like biodiesel and biogas.

4. Agricultural Sector:

Farm operations, including fruit and vegetable farms, can utilize our food waste dewatering machine to dewater organic waste such as crop residues and spoiled produce. The resulting residue can be used for composting, contributing to soil enrichment. [Read also: How an Organic Waste Dehydrator Can Help You Reduce Food Waste]

5. Hospitality Sector:

Hotels, resorts, and cruise ships generate substantial food waste due to their high occupancy and dining facilities. Our food waste dewatering machine aids in managing this waste more sustainably and reducing disposal costs.

food waste dewatering machine

6. Municipalities and Waste Management Facilities:

Cities and waste management facilities can integrate our machine into their waste management systems, contributing to efficient waste processing and resource recovery.

7. Research and Innovation:

Research institutions and innovators in the field of sustainable technology can use our machine as a platform to explore further applications and advancements in waste-to-resource conversion.

food waste dewatering machine

8. Educational Institutions:

Educational campuses with dining facilities can incorporate our food waste dewatering machine to not only manage waste but also educate students about the importance of sustainable waste management practices.

9. Industrial Facilities:

Industries beyond the food sector that generate organic waste, such as the pharmaceutical or chemical industry, can employ our machine to minimize their waste disposal footprint and optimize resource utilization.

food waste dewatering machine

Resource Recovery and Sustainability:

Henan Tianzhong’s food waste dewatering machine optimizes the use of recovered materials, highlighting our commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

1. Grease Separation and Biodiesel Production:

The solid phase material obtained after dewatering undergoes grease separation. Subsequently, a controlled transfatting reaction occurs at an appropriate temperature, leading to the production of biodiesel—an eco-friendly energy source derived from food waste.

food waste dewatering machine

2. Biogas Generation through Anaerobic Fermentation:

The residual material after oil and fat separation can be employed for anaerobic fermentation within a closed container. This process yields biogas, a renewable energy source that can be utilized for various applications.

3. Biogas Residue Utilization:

The residue obtained from the biogas generation process can be effectively utilized for composting or direct landfilling, completing the cycle of responsible waste management.

food waste dewatering machine

We back our food waste dewatering machine with a commitment to comprehensive after-sales support. Our experienced team provides maintenance guidance, technical assistance, and training service. Our food waste dewatering machine can be tailored to accommodate various scales of operation and specific waste types. Welcome to contact us to get more information.


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