What is a Dung Dewatering Machine?

Dung dewatering machines are used to separate animal manure such as cow dung, chicken manure, and pig manure. A cow dung dewatering machine, for example, can make manure into liquid and solid conditions. It is widely used in dewatering high-moisture organic animal cow waste before fermentation. But some clients use them to process food residue, like wasted sesame skin, etc.

Our dung dewatering machine uses newly designed and high-quality materials. We have 3 models for the moment, with carbon steel+304 stainless steel (10-15 M³/H, having 4KW consuming power), ductile iron+304 stainless steel (15-20 M³/H, having 4KW consuming power), ductile iron+304 stainless steel combinations (20-25 M³/H, having 5.5KW consuming power).

Dung Dewatering Machine

Parts Included in a Dung Dewatering Machine

● One pump (having 3KW consuming power)

● One control cabinet

● One main motor

● One reducer

● One backwater outlet

● One feed inlet

● One mobile universal wheel

● One viewport

● One dry material outlet

● One discharge outlet pressure valve

How does the dung dewatering machine work?

Along with the dung dewatering machine, there is a rod pump that pumps unfermented manure into the dung dewatering machine. Inside the dewatering machine, there is a spiral screw made by a full welding process. Through the extrusion of the screw, after sufficient pressure is generated inside the machine, the dung dewatering machine can separate the solid and the liquid. [ Read also: What is the cow dung dewatering machine price? ]

Under the action of internal and external pressure, the liquid cow dung will flow out from the screen. It is then collected into a pool where the liquid is collected through a designed water pipe. You can get the liquid from the liquid outlet for use in farmland spraying and more.

Dung Dewatering Machine

If the amount of feces sucked by the pump is too large and exceeds the processing capacity of the dung dewatering machine, the excess feces will flow back into the original pool from the overflow port. On the other hand, in the case of continuous inhalation of material, the raw material inside the dung dewatering machine will converge. In the case of an increasing amount, the solid will rush out of the valve in the head of the machine.

Why Use a Dung Dewatering Machine for Composting?

To make animal manure into usable fertilizer purposes, dehydration is a very important process during compost preparation. High-moisture animal manure is not suitable for direct composting, as the heat generated by the animal waste itself will burn the plants to death. It is better to keep liquid and solid organic animal dung manure separate materials.

Dung Dewatering Machine

Using dewatering equipment can go a long way in reducing the moisture content of animal dung manure before composting it. After dehydration, the moisture content is between 50-60%. Among them, the most suitable water content of cow manure compost in animal manure is about 55%. If you need to compost cow manure, this dung dewatering machine is your best choice.

The dung dewatering machine’s instruction video will be sent together with the customs clearance documents you need. After receiving the goods, if you have any questions, we will serve you online.

Dung Dewatering Machine

If you have other raw material capabilities needed, please contact our customer service person. We will provide professional solutions according to your actual needs.


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