What is a Compost Dehydrator?

In the quest for sustainable waste management solutions, the compost dehydrator has emerged as a changer. This innovative device utilizes a comprehensive process combining solid-liquid separation, oil-water separation, and dehydration to reduce kitchen waste. With its user-friendly operation and environmental benefits, the compost dehydrator is gaining popularity in small and medium-sized restaurants and hotels. In this blog, we will explore the features, operational principles, and performance value of a compost dehydrator.


Solid-Liquid Separation:

When kitchen waste is collected and brought to the processing station, it is unloaded into a receiving hopper equipped with a filter screen. This initial step separates the liquid portion, known as leachate, which is directed to the oil-water separation system. To remove large debris such as plastic bags, bones, and glass bottles, a star disc screen is used for efficient waste separation.

compost dehydrator

Oil-Water Separation:

The oil-water mixture enters the separation zone, first passing through a gravity reflux area to prevent coagulation and improve separation efficiency. The oil and water gradually move into the oil separation zone, where a patented technology facilitates the separation process. The device effectively removes over 90% of fats and oils from the wastewater, which is then discharged through a drainage area. Particles smaller than 3mm in diameter are collected in the bottom discharge area and later discharged into the municipal sewage network.

Dehydration and Volume Reduction:

After undergoing shredding in a grinding chamber, the kitchen waste is subjected to a spiral extrusion dehydration process. This technique combines crushing, dehydration, and desalination to significantly reduce the volume of the waste. The compost dehydrator incorporates an overload protection system to safeguard the motor and prolong the equipment’s lifespan.

compost dehydrator

Variable Frequency Control and Remote Operation:

The compost dehydrator operates on a variable frequency control mode and can be remotely operated via a PLC interface system. The user-friendly touch screen control system and optional switch control system enhance convenience and customization.

Operational Principles:

Kitchen waste is deposited directly into the designated groove area of the compost dehydrator, allowing for initial manual sorting if desired.
The waste undergoes filtration through drainage holes in the groove, allowing some free water and oil to seep into the oil-water separation unit. The oil-water mixture enters the separation zone, where it goes through gravity reflux and subsequently separates into distinct layers. The treated wastewater is discharged via pipes, while the collected fats and oils can be sold to third parties.

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Kitchen waste without free water is directed to a shredding machine in the middle section for further grinding and size reduction. This process transforms large waste items, such as bones, fruits, and vegetables, into smaller particles suitable for subsequent extrusion and dehydration.

The finely ground waste material is fed into the spiral compost dehydrator, where it undergoes extrusion and filtration. The low-speed rotation generates sufficient pressure to remove water effectively, resulting in dehydrated waste with no visible free water content. The residual waste can be collected in garbage bins, waiting for municipal waste management or further processing into organic compost through bio-treatment machines, thereby maximizing the value of kitchen waste.

compost dehydrator

Performance Value:

Through the aforementioned process, one ton of kitchen waste processed by a compost dehydrator yields approximately 150 kilograms of residual waste, resulting in a waste reduction ratio of around 80%. The remaining 20% of residue, along with the separated waste cooking oil, can be further processed into organic fertilizer and biodiesel through bio-treatment. This approach significantly reduces kitchen waste in restaurants and canteens, promoting standardized.

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