Food waste screw press used for food waste recycling

The massive accumulation and random stacking of food waste not only affects the environmental protection of the city, but also faces many difficulties in the recycling and disposal of its diversification and complexity. Therefore, the food waste recycling is particularly important. The reduction mainly includes classification, dehydration, and reduction of the landfill volume of food waste. For food waste recycling, screw press plays an important role.

Food waste screw press used for food waste recycling

Description of food waste screw press

The food waste screw press is widely used to separate the liquid and solid. The raw material need to contain fiber, raw material being shredded by shredder, then go into the food waste screw press. It separate liquid and solid by screw press to punch the material with screen and end core, so the liquid will discharge from the screen hole or screen space, the dewatered residues will discharge from the end cone space.

The food waste screw press machine adjust part can be spring or by hydraulic system. When tight the pressure part, the interval of discharge area begin small,then press chamber has more big pressure, so the discharge material moisture content lower. We have single food screw press machine and double food waste screw press machine, different material use different type food waste screw press machine. Welcome to contact us, then our project manager will recommend suitable food waste screw press machine according to your raw material.

Application of food waste screw press

Kitchen waste, food waste, vegetable market waste, etc.

Fruit, vegetable, grass, etc.

Spent grains (Distilled grains, beer residues)

Other waste residues, like herb residues, paper pulp, poultry feather, animal manure, etc.

Working principle of food waste screw press:

The food waste to be processed are uniformly delivered to the feed port of the screw press, through the screw blade extrusion and the filtration of the screen, water or juice flow through the screen to the water tray under the machine to collect and then go through the pipeline.

Food waste screw press machine

The separated solids are discharged from the rear end. Different materials use different screen mesh, different screw speed and proper adjustment of slag outlet dry and wet adjusting device to achieve the output and dry and wet degree of slag.

Main structure of food waste screw press

The food waste screw press dewatering machine include motor, reducer, gear box, shelf, leg, screw, screen, end core, etc. If used food grade processing, the material contact part can be made of 304SUS, the other part is carbon steel.

We can provide the whole food waste screw press dewatering system for you. Welcome to contact us to get more information.


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